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How this duo approaches brand building
How this duo approaches brand building
Anna Polonsky and Amy Morris

Finish what you start. That’s the underlying principle of the New York–based strategy and design firm The MP Shift—the brainchild of Amy Morris and Anna Polonsky—which guides hospitality clients like Nolita restaurant De Maria and Echo Deli & Coffee in Paris as they hone their concept, then helps them make the leap to a logo, interior design, menus, and even the ceramics and flatware. “We realized that no agency was offering to help from A to Z in the hospitality world,” says Morris. “Our business is built out of a desire to help our clients articulate their vision, from concept to launch.”

When the two met, Polonsky was overseeing the U.S. operations of the pioneering Parisian culinary guide and consulting agency Le Fooding; Morris had started her own restaurant design business after years of consulting on marketing strategy for the likes of Condé Nast, Richard Branson and 1stdibs. “We’ve both had one leg in design and the other in strategy for most of our careers,” says Morris. “Together, we bring a holistic approach to building brands.” That approach delivers major added value. “Our first step is to define the brand and how it fits into the landscape,” explains Polonsky. “Once you have that foundation, everything flows from it. We can have a lot of fun collaborating on all of the elements that make an experience exceptional, from logos and interior design to customer service and launch strategy.”

How this duo approaches brand building
De Maria

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