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Survey says: Employees want residential elements in workplace design

Natural light, relaxation and self-care are some of the themes Capital One identified in its recently released “2017 Work Environment Survey.” The survey asked 2,500 full-time workers (500 in five cities: Chicago, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.) what their “preferences and priorities” were in workplace design.

Kelly Wearstler office design; courtesy Roger Davies
Kelly Wearstler office design; courtesy Roger Davies

It also investigated the impact of design on retention, performance and innovation—and addresses how workplace design factors in versus location when determining a new job offer. A number of the specified features are hallmarks of residential design.

What do employees want to see in their workplace? Among the choice options discovered by the survey are:

—Natural light (62 percent of those surveyed)

—Artwork and creative imagery (44 percent)

—Easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces (43 percent)

—Collaborative spaces (37 percent)

—Bold colors (26 percent)

—Spaces for rest and relaxation (25 percent)

In addition, the study revealed that 82 percent of those surveyed cited that “companies cannot encourage innovation unless their workplace design and environment is innovative”; 48 percent find their existing workplace design uninspiring; and 85 percent feel that it’s “important for their company’s workplace design to be flexible.”

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