industry insider | Jan 25, 2017 |
Laurel & Wolf teams up on millennial real estate project
Boh staff

Laurel & Wolf has teamed up again with the Richman Signature Properties, which owns luxury rental communities with properties throughout the U.S., on millennial-focused apartment communities. The online interior design service designed newly completed model homes at Aurora in downtown Tampa and Parc at White Rock in Dallas. Residents of the communities also receive a free Laurel & Wolf design package.

Laurel & Wolf teams up on millennial real estate project

Laurel & Wolf teams up on millennial real estate project
Dallas apartment

“We’ve worked with Laurel & Wolf designers to uncover the top trends for apartments that feel like forever homes,” shares Kristen Gucwa, vice president of marketing for Richman Signature Properties. “It’s all part of our mission to reimagine what rental living looks like for our residents. A major differentiator of our communities is the design flexibility each property offers, not typically found in other apartment communities that have stringent rules for decorating. Our partnership with Laurel & Wolf is a testament to our commitment to give our residents the opportunity to express individuality through on-trend, in-demand home design.” 

Laurel & Wolf teams up on millennial real estate project
Tampa apartment

“Today, millennials desire more than just a space to call home; they want to live in a place that showcases their unique tastes and draws upon their life experiences,” says Leura Fine, CEO and founder of Laurel & Wolf. “So, through our partnership with Richman Signature Properties, we are proud to be able to provide residents the opportunity to create a space that truly reflects their wants and needs—a place that celebrates their individual style.” 

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