| Jul 22, 2016 |
Laurel & Wolf goes glamping at the W Hotel
Boh staff
By Staff

Laurel & Wolf has transformed a 17th-floor suite at the W New York hotel, complete with a 12-foot yurt. The space will be available for guests to book until November. California-based Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop sat down with EAL to chat outdoor inspiration.

Laurel & Wolf’s suite at the W New York; all photos courtesy Laurel & Wolf / Dustin Walker

Do you design many outdoor spaces?
I’m located in Los Angeles, so being a designer here almost always means having to think about the outdoors. The L.A. lifestyle is very indoor/outdoor; everyone wants a versatile space that can be transformed to work for every occasion that comes their way.

What are the challenges and benefits of designing for outdoor spaces?
The big challenge with designing outdoors is finding just the right pieces of furniture/material/accessories that can stand up against the elements. Mother Nature likes to leave her mark, and no one wants to constantly clean up before they can enjoy their outdoor space. The good news is the options for chic outdoor furniture and textiles have come a long way in the last few years. Often it’s hard to tell the difference between what is meant to go outdoors versus in.

How do you feel about sourcing materials online? Any tips for designers?
Sourcing materials online can be a blessing and a curse. The options on the Internet are endless. It’s great to be able to shop around and see products from places that are not local to me. The difficulty comes with the fact that there are so many options, which can be challenging when it comes to making decisions on what products you want to get. But in the end, it’s an easy way to see a variety of options from all over while not having to ever leave your house.

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