Landscape Architect
Company: Rees Roberts +Partners LLC
Duration: Full-time
Date Posted: 02/08/23
Category: Landscape Design
Location: New York
Salary: 50-100k
Job Description

Confer with clients, engineers and building architects to understand a project. This includes conducting preliminary studies of the site (including contours, soil, ecology, buildings, roads) as well as establishing a general concept and expectation surrounding the extents of the project.

Prepare site plans, specifications, and cost estimates. Additionally mapping out general environmental impact assessments, community input, potential future uses, local government approval etc.

Coordinate with arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures. Understanding the impact of these on the site specifically but also the greater impact the proposed changes could have on the surrounding environment. Analyze and argue for the layout and design of the proposed land features and how they will enhance the space.

Prepare graphic representations of proposed plans under computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software in order to communicate the idea to contractors and builders. Also create more atmospheric drawings to communicate the ultimate vision for the space to the client as well as any approval boards.

Select appropriate materials for use, climate, visual harmony, budget and preference in landscape design. Must possess a deep knowledge about different plant life cycles, their tolerance to different environments and their availability in the area as well as if they are native or foreign to the region.

Develop planting plans for the owner or future caretaker to ensure the project’s success long after the project has been completed.

Analyze environmental reports on land conditions, such as drainage and energy usage and use these reports to ensure that the design fits with the existing systems and will not present new issues for the surrounding community. Ideally the analysis of these reports will result in design solutions to help improve the systems in place on the site and in the broader landscape.

Job Requirements

• Proven Landscape skills and innovation, high end residential preferred.
• Masters Degree or Bachelor Degree in Landscape design preferred.
• Minimum4 years working experience in Landscape design.
• Experience building teams and managing projects.
• Ability to multi-task and tackle several complex projects.
• Excellent verbal and written skills, in particular a strong ability to communicate visually.
• Advanced knowledge of 3D visualization, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Auto CAD required.

About our Company

Rees Roberts & Partners is an award-winning interior design and landscape design firm based in NYC. Over the past 30 years we have designed apartments, townhouses and country homes with our clients, developing a unique style for each. We create cohesive worlds that are not only timeless, beautiful, dynamic and harmonious, but that our clients feel are truly “them.” Our projects are in New York City, the surrounding area, across the country and abroad.


Susan Burak
Office Director

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