Key Account Manager
Company: Fermob USA
Duration: Full-time
Date Posted: 03/22/23
Category: Sales/Marketing
Location: New York
Salary: 100-150k
Job Description

The key account managers will work with Fermob’s most important customers to build long-term, strategic partnerships. This role requires a range of skills from closing sales and nurturing relationships to strategic planning and cross-functional leadership. Of equal importance, the key account manager will search for new partners / Key Accounts.

A key account manager’s main role is to retain top customers and nurture those key relationships over time. The manager will become a strategic partner and advisor to the client, discovering new opportunities to work together for mutual benefit.

The role is a strategic program that encompasses the entire organization—not just sales. The key account manager will likely have contact with each level of the business to ensure the customer’s needs and expectations are properly met. This means the position requires a strategic perspective that goes beyond short-term gains. The key account manager must be able to juggle many moving parts and develop deals and long-term plans that align with target strategies.

Job Requirements

Experience, Skills & Knowledge:
● Project management
● Confidence
● Impeccable time management skills / ability to work independently
● Strong organizational competence
● Integrity
● Strong sales background
● Contract / Commercial Sales background
● Strategic Big Picture Vision
● Team Building
● Multi-channel selling
● Bachelor's degree in business administration, Architecture, Finance, Sales, or a related field
● Proven experience in key account management
● Proficient in Business Development
● Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications as well as CRM software
● Proficient ERP Systems (NetSuite Preferred)
● The ability to build rapport with key clients
● The ability to handle multiple client accounts
● Strong negotiation and leadership skills
● Exceptional customer service skills
● Excellent communication skills

Key Account Manager Responsibilities include:
● Developing trusted relationships with a portfolio of new and current major clients to ensure they do not turn to competition
● Acquiring a thorough understanding of key customer needs and requirements and continually propose solutions that meet their needs
● Develop agreements with Key Accounts (existing and New)
● Communicating and collaborating with Fermob Senior Management, marketing, sales teams, and logistics departments to ensure that key clients’ needs are met
● Develop Sales and Marketing “promotion” / “communication” to develop sales, promote the brand and motivate the network
● Fully promote the Fermob recipe
● Ensure the correct products and services are delivered to customers in a timely manner
● Prepare regular reports of sales progress and forecasts using key account metrics and update ERP
● Resolve any issues and problems faced by customers and deal with complaints to maintain trust
● Play an integral part in generating new sales that will turn into long-lasting relationships
● Process quotes
● Use ERP & CRM to full extent
● At least 50% travel
● Trade shows / France trip
● Participation

About our Company

The Fermob Group, headquartered in Thoissey, France, manufactures and designs products for both the commercial and consumer markets. Boasting about 270 employees, Fermob designs products for both professionals and individuals and has established a reputation as a leading garden, terrace, and public space furnishing specialist.
Originally a creator and manufacturer of colorful metal tables and chairs, the Fermob Group has enjoyed 30 years of consecutive growth and profit and recorded an annual turnover of about $140M in 2021, with 50% of all sales generated in the export market. Armed with a truly unique brand positioning, Fermob now offers a wide range of outdoor furniture, decorative accessories, and lighting solutions. The Fermob group is composed with several brands and entities, Fermob USA being part of them. In 2021, Fermob’s US growth expanded by 43% which contributed to the brands overall, 30% increased turnover. In 2021 Fermob USA had a turnover of 12M USD which they expect to triple in 5 years’ time. With a team of 23, Fermob USA is planning on expanding its resources in the coming year. The US premises has 45,000 sqft dedicated to handling more than 100 containers per year. Fermob USA also has a beautiful showroom in New York City! Fermob brings people together, and when people are connected, good things happen. Experience the warmth of gathering and the joy of living with Fermob!


Sara McCullough
National Sales Manager

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