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Hiring Tips from Michelle Stuhl

Michelle Stuhl, owner of recruiting firm Michelle Stuhl & Company, emphasizes that every interaction during the hiring process is key, from email correspondence to poise during the interview. Hoping to avoid a hiring nightmare? Here, Stuhl outlines her tips for hiring, from screening clients to asking the right questions:

1 | Request Relevant Examples

Not only should you ask to see finished work and projects from a potential hire, but you should also request sketches and inspiration boards to get a feel for the way the candidate thinks.

2 | Evaluate Their Questions

Candidates should ask great questions about your business to show they have done their homework. They should demonstrate interest in how you think and approach your business.

3 | Look Out for Red Flags

If potential hires exhibit any confusion about appointments or what is asked of them, that same confusion will most likely also be reflected in their performance on the job.

4 | Recognize Dedication and Professionalism

A candidate’s appreciation for past employers should be evident, even if he or she is discussing unhappiness in a current position.

5 | Assess Past Responsibilities

Ask about a potential hire’s previous role on projects in order to establish context and determine his or her collaborative abilities.



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