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Cutting a Rug: Shag

Designers Mat Sanders and Estee Stanley get into the thick of it.

Cutting a Rug: Shag
Mat Sanders

Mat Sanders Co-Founder and Creative Director, Consort Shag rugs are the feather boa of the home. They practically scream for guests to lighten up: “Kick off your shoes! Let down your hair! Plop your butt down on the floor!” When people get hung up on how to clean it, I answer simply: It’s a rug. People are going to walk on it. It will get worn. Deal, girl! If you’re investing in a nice rug, be prepared to invest in its upkeep. I get it: Buy a nice flat-weave rug and get a few more months of life out of your vacuum cleaner. But buy a good shag rug, and indulge in a Burt Reynolds moment forever.

Cutting a Rug: Shag
Estee Stanley

Estee Stanley Co-Founder, Hancock Design Have you ever tried to lift a shag rug? Those things are heavy. Thanks to this bulk and their decidedly in-your-face design statement, they almost always wind up dominating. There’s also the whole ick factor to contend with, because who knows what lurks beneath the surface of those things? While I certainly applaud and appreciate Mat’s continued commitment to an ultra-dramatic moment (and his shiny, shaggy Burt Reynolds moments), I’ll be sticking to the clean, inviting character of flat-weave rugs, thank you very much.

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