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What design trips are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

While Zoom has been a lifeline during the pandemic, everyone is itching to get back to attending markets and visiting faraway clients. We asked seven designers—Mia Brous, Kerri Goldfarb, Linda Griffeth, Daniella Hoffer, Jack Oviada, Becky Shea and Beth Diana Smith—what work-related travel they’re most looking forward to post-pandemic.

Beth Diana Smith
Beth Diana SmithCourtesy of Beth Diana Smith

Expanding the network
High Point is high on the list, because that is when I can see everyone regardless of where they are based. The networking plus the sourcing makes it an amazing trip. And I realized annual events at the design centers in New York were priceless because of the opportunity to connect with local designers and brands alike.” —Beth Diana Smith, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design, Irvington, New Jersey

Becky Shea
Becky SheaCourtesy of Becky Shea

Head west
“One of the places I’m most looking forward to traveling is our home away from home in Los Angeles. We typically go a few times a year to source for projects and meet with our team there, and we’ve built such a wonderful network of people who we’ve missed and that always give us a jolt of extra creativity. Of course, the sunny weather and stunning backdrop of mountains meeting the ocean also play a big part in stimulating me creatively, making travel one of the most essential parts of design and life. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, and are so looking forward to planning our next source trip to someplace new!” —Becky Shea, Becky Shea Design, New York

Daniella Hoffer
Daniella HofferCourtesy of Daniella Hoffer

French connection
“When it is safe to do so, I’m hoping to take my family to Paris, and am building in some work-related shopping mixed with sightseeing with my four girls. They love to take part in my interior design discoveries, and this will be a great way for me to teach them more about architecture and why I’m passionate about design. We’ll definitely be visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but I’ll squeeze in some stops at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine and home decor spots in Le Marais like Merci, Empreintes and Fleux.” —Daniella Hoffer, Daniella Hoffer Interiors, Springfield, New Jersey

Jack Ovadia
Jack OvadiaCourtesy of Jack Ovadia

Mountain time
“I feel very fortunate that I have been able to visit and work on all of our current projects during this time, but what I have been most eagerly awaiting is scheduling a photo shoot for a project of ours in Phoenix. My company was in the process of planning this shoot pre-COVID for a very special private residence overlooking Camelback Mountain that we designed and built from the ground up. I was very excited to go see it being lived in, spend time with my incredible clients, and have the project photographed. Preparations for the shoot are currently underway, and I am looking forward to adding it to our calendar. This trip and shoot will, for me, signify an end to these unprecedented times.” —Jack Ovadia, Ovadia Design Group, New York

Kerri Goldfarb and Mia Brous
Kerri Goldfarb and Mia BrousCourtesy of Madre

Choosing carefully
“We love to go to NYNow to see the latest in home decor and gifts. We can’t wait to go back! High Point is also on our list to return to next fall. So much furniture and lighting needs to be seen (and sat on) to properly assess comfort and scale. We also would love to visit client projects or go on an antiques treasure hunt, but with our busy lives as moms to young children, we have to choose our travel carefully.” —Mia Brous and Kerri Goldfarb, Madre, Dallas

Linda Griffeth
Linda GriffethCourtesy of Linda Griffeth

A sight to sea
“Unfortunately, I did not attend the High Point Market in 2020 and I am so excited to attend this June's market! By then, more people will have received their vaccines, and I believe a sense of relief and exhilaration will fill the air. I also have plans to visit a client at their stunning new second home on Seabrook Island, just off the coast of South Carolina. They are repeat clients, so we have a great working relationship from various past projects in their primary home. Because of shelter-in-place restrictions last March, my design work on their new house began virtually with a focus on new furniture and furnishings. A coastal site visit is definitely on the calendar for me!” —Linda Griffeth, Linda Griffeth Interiors, Davidson, North Carolina

Homepage photo: A project by Daniella Hoffer | Photo by Lisa Russman

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