| Oct 11, 2010 |
Top designers present report on kitchen trends
Boh staff
By Staff

Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance joined forces with interior designers Mick De Giulio, Jamie Drake, and Matthew Quinn to present a report on how kitchen design is evolving, including the identification of future trends.

"We have a wealth of knowledge on evolving designs and trends, and we are able to draw on these resources to forecast for the future,"said Paul Leuthe, Corporate Marketing Manager for Sub-Zero and Wolf. "Jamie, Matthew, and Mick have all been a significant part of the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest over the years, and we have key insight from their own professional experiences that we could share."

Drawing on historical context, current design trends, and future projections, the designers outlined the following key trends: integration of lifestyle into the kitchen; "green" has evolved into a "health and wellness" focus; personal experience as a driver of design; honest use of noble materials; and technological innovation is front and center. The information was presented during a presentation at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Manhattan showroom last week.

"There has been a dramatic shift – a fundamental cultural shift – in the last decade," said De Giulio. "Families are gravitating toward this notion of 'kitchen centricity' – the energy of the home is truly centered in the kitchen."

"New technologies are the game-changers in kitchen design," said Quinn. "We are now able to seamlessly blend the kitchen with the rest of the house in a way that responds to our changing lifestyle."

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