Showhouses | Jan 3, 2017 |
Target Open House to return with upgraded features
Boh staff

Target Open House, the San Francisco­-based product concept store that debuted in summer 2015, is returning, remodeled, in February. Among the new updates, which were informed by feedback from engineers and guests: a space called The Garage, showcasing early-stage products; a personalized product experience geared toward each guest’s preferences; an event space; an interactive space and more.

“We built Open House as an iterative space that is all about research and development around the connected consumer,” says Gene Han, Target’s vice president of consumer IoT (Internet of Things). “We’ve measured guest traffic and sales and listened to what guests and entrepreneurs had to say about their experiences. And we’ve learned a lot about perceptions of connected home technologies. Now, with this feedback, we’ll renovate Open House in ways that will help better engage, educate and excite guests and the IoT community.”

Target Open House, which has received some 20 awards and hosted more than 150,000 visitors thus far, is currently under reconstruction and will open to the public on February 10.

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