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MoMA Design Store celebrates emerging Mexican designers
Apr 30, 2012

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its "Destination" series, the MoMA Design store is bringing shoppers a south-of-the-border experience. Available now through June, both online and in the MoMA Design stores, the 150 designs that make up Destination: Mexico showcase the talents of emerging Mexican designers. On Thursday evening, the assortment was unveiled at the SoHo store.
Most of the assortment is exclusive to MoMA in the US, and much of it isn't available anywhere outside the Mexican border.
MoMA Design Store celebrates emerging Mexican designers
Mónica Calderón with her Prehispanica Bowl and Pitcher
Bold colors define many of the products, like this hand-painted and enameled pine Pirueta table, designed by Paulina Gonzalez-Ortega and Andres Ocejo:
MoMA Design Store celebrates emerging Mexican designers

Encouraging a positive environmental and social impact also plays an important role in developing the product collection. Destination: Mexico focuses on designers who source local, recycled, and organic materials, and utilize production techniques that minimize waste. Many items are also produced with collectives who aim to create an opportunity for employment in small, rural villages and support the teaching of traditional crafts to a new generation.
MoMA Design Store celebrates emerging Mexican designers
Assorted products
To date, the MoMA: Destination series has highlighted the talents of artists in the following countries: Finland, Denmark, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Japan, Seoul, Brazil, Portugal, Istanbul, and now Mexico. The  sourced products often help local artisans by celebrating traditional craftsmanship and interpreting it in interesting, new presentations. Sustainability in materials and production techniques are important factors for consideration of all items included.

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