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LivingKitchen names 6 trends in kitchen design for 2013
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The biggest names from all segments of the kitchen design sector will be represented at LivingKitchen 2013, the International Kitchen show at Imm Cologne. As a part of the fair, LivingKitchen has unveiled the 2013 kitchen trends, which range from open-plans to resource efficiency, and will be on display at the upcoming fair, which runs from Jan. 14-20 in Germany.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see:

Trend #1 — Open-plan kitchens

The trend towards open-plan kitchens continues unabated throughout Europe. Seamless transitions between kitchen and living spaces and kitchen furniture designs: virtually all kitchen furniture manufactures have meanwhile picked up on consumer wishes and are presenting kitchens that optimally unite cooking and living.

Trend #2 — Greater comfort for users

Comfort always tops the list of consumer requirements when it comes to the re-model of a kitchen. Awkward operation, poorly legible displays and difficult-to-clean appliances—all household appliance manufactures are focusing on these issues, to make kitchens simply more comfortable and easy to use.

Trend #3 — Resource efficiency is decisive buzzword

The cornerstones of the majority of new developments are energy efficiency, resource-friendliness and sustainability, starting with the power consumption of the overall appliance through detailed, durable solutions such as the installation of LED lamps. Another example: the freezer, around one quarter of most private households’ energy consumption goes towards refrigeration. For this reason, consumers are hoping to ensure that this area has an excellent efficiency rating.

Trend #4 — Courage to embrace new materials

Another top trend is the influence of certain materials in kitchen design such as glass, ceramic and wood. In many areas, glass heavily dictates a look. The natural appearance of the overall kitchen also remains a trend, with the use of real, precious and sustainable materials, which explains the material combinations that include ceramic, glass, stainless steel and wood.

Trend #5 — Modern household appliances become more intelligent

Another major topic is the networking of appliances with the entire household. And it is not just the appliance control that will be “mobile” in the future, for instance using Smartphones or tablets, the appliances will communicate with each other, and will support users with shopping and cooking.

Trend #6 — Plain or colorful – both are possible

Harmony is in high demand — fitted kitchen appliances in particular cannot ignore this current trend. Generally, appliances pick up on certain fitted kitchen designs with the aim of adapting to the look of furniture. However, some kitchen manufacturers are being courageous when it comes to color, while others are more focused on earthy hues and shades, both trends are working.

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