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How do you go the extra mile on project reveals?

After all your hard work on a project, how can you make sure the reveal is unforgettable? We asked six designers—Cheryl Kees Clendenon, Sara Hillery, Eilyn Jimenez, Nina Nash Long, and Fernanda and Sophia Loyzagahow they go the extra mile on reveals.

Fernanda Loyzaga and Sophia Loyzaga
Fernanda and Sophia LoyzagaCourtesy of Loyzaga

“When a project is finished, the client is given a professional book with the complete documentation of architectural and decorative plans and drawings of the project, as well as a framed hand-drawn sketch. The sketch is made at the beginning of the project, so it’s always a nice surprise to receive it framed at the end. There are no surprises in terms of decoration since the entire project is done hand in hand with the client, but throughout the process there are pleasant surprises. For example, if there is leftover curtain fabric, we have our artisans make an ottoman for free. Clients are usually very happy.” —Fernanda Loyzaga and Sophia Loyzaga, Loyzaga, Mexico City

Cheryl Kees Clendenon
Cheryl Kees ClendenonCourtesy of Cheryl Kees Clendenon

A day of pampering
“We go all out during a reveal. Clients have told us many times that this is what they really want—the extra oomph to make [a space] experiential and come back to the ‘Move that bus!’ feeling. In the past, we have sent the client out for a day of fun, lunch on us, and a movie (or we did before COVID!) or a massage and a pedicure. This is my favorite thing to do. Not all clients will let you pamper them this way, so you have to surprise them with it. If they have kids, we have done an after-school treat. Getting creative is half the fun—and lord knows we love having them out of the house!” —Cheryl Kees Clendenon, In Detail Interiors, Pensacola, Florida

Eilyn Jimenez
Eilyn JimenezCourtesy of Eilyn Jimenez

The little things
“Reveals are the ending to a long but exciting process, and they are usually the way we say goodbye to the project, so it’s bittersweet. We always ensure we have fresh flowers, music of the homeowners’ preference, candles throughout the home, and a bottle of Champagne at the ready. These small details end the long journey on such a high note!” —Eilyn Jimenez, Sire Design, Miami

Sara Hillery
Sara HilleryCourtesy of Sara Hillery

Magic moment
“We create a coffee table book for our larger projects that have taken one to three years. The books include before-and-after images and progress photos for memory’s sake. It’s such a treat to see how far their space has come from the beginning of the project to being completed, styled and photographed. We encourage our clients to be out of the house while we are doing the furnishing, art and drapery installation. That means we try to work around their travel plans or work schedules for installation. We all need a little wow factor, now more than ever, so being able to create that magical moment is pretty powerful.” —Sara Hillery, Sara Hillery Interior Design, Richmond, Virginia

Nina Nash Long
Nina Nash LongCourtesy of Nina Nash Long

Pop the bubbly
“The reveal is our favorite part! We don’t allow the client to be at the house during the install, as the element of surprise really builds anticipation. After we do our magic, right before the unveiling, we turn on some music, pop some Champagne, and open the door to the client. We love to walk around with them, a glass of Champagne in hand, and show the final results—tears are pretty typical at this point!” —Nina Nash Long, Mathews Furniture + Design, Atlanta

Homepage photo: A project by Sara Hillery | Courtesy of Sara Hillery Interior Design

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