| Mar 10, 2010 |
Design Deutschland 2010 presents a travelling exhibition
Boh staff
By Staff

The German Design Council will present the ‘Design Deutschland 2010’ exhibition at the FuoriSalone in Milan (14 to 19 April 2010) and at the ICCF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York (15 to 18 May 2010). Alongside 100+ new product ideas from established German companies and designers, 23 prototypes will be on show by young German designers, some of them not yet seen by the public. The exhibition will be accompanied by presentations of German designer brands. “We are, of course, delighted that we shall be able to appear at this year's furniture show with such high quality designs,” says Andrej Kupetz, General Manager and Technical Director of the German Design Council. “A particularly exciting feature of the exhibition is certainly the meeting of the present and future of German design.” For the exhibition will, for the first time, put products by successful German designer brands that have already appeared in the market place up against new prototypes of aspiring young designers such as Mark Braun, Reinhard Dienes, Steffen Kehrle, Elisa Strozyk, Judith Seng, Uli Budde and Kai Linke. Design Deutschland 2010 continues the series of exhibitions of the same name with this new concept for a traveling exhibition and provides an approach to aspects of the current German design scene. The exhibits, from their various product groups, can be seen as examples, which reflect current German thinking on design. The layout of the exhibition, which has been developed by Leise Design and Surface Gesellschaft für Gestaltungt, plays with a theme which has become so characteristic of German design – the notion of system solutions – and translates this into a new, exciting and vibrantly colorful architectural concept. Built on just a single basic module, used in many and varied combinations, room layouts with unexpected inward and outward perspectives have been created. To complement the presentation of products by German designers and manufacturers, the exhibition concept also has an acoustic and typographical dimension. The character of the event will be accentuated by song titles of contemporary German pop musicians written on banners and played through the loudspeakers. The German Design Council was founded in 1953 as an initiative of the German Federal Parliament to meet the growing need on the part of the business community for information on design issues. Through this exhibition, it presents a regular and up-to-date stock-take of all sorts and kinds of issues and approaches in German design against a background of ever more rapid globalization. After Tokyo, Cologne, Nuremberg and New York, Design Deutschland will this year be on show in Milan and New York – the fifth time it has been presented to an international public.

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