Design Assistant
Company: L.B. Copeland Interior Design
Duration: Full-time
Date Posted: 10/05/22
Category: Interior Design
Location: Charlotte
Job Description

L.B. Copeland Interior Design is seeking a full-time design assistant to begin this Fall.

Key responsibilities include:
- Assist Senior Designer end-to-end on high-end design projects
- Spearhead purchasing process through vendor quotes, client estimates and payments, purchase orders, and invoices
- Assist with compilation of design schemes
- Source new and vintage products including furniture, textiles, hardware, lighting, and accessories utilizing domestic and international vendors
- Administer stock sales through online resources and place inventory for resale in current projects
- Assist with installations and organizing deliveries
- Communicate with vendors on a daily basis regarding quotes, purchase orders, and timely deliveries
- Organize and maintain resource library and materials
- Prepare for client presentations: obtain pricing, order samples, produce presentation boards, assist with furniture plans, prepare elevations and shop drawings for client design projects
- Update inventory records in Studio Designer
- Supervise external contractor teams to generate construction schedules relating to wall finishes, hardware, stone/tile, appliance, and plumbing
- Travel onsite for in-person consultations, design meetings, and installations

Job Requirements

- One (1) Year of Design Experience

- College Education
- CAD Experience
- Experience with Studio Designer

About our Company

Native to North Carolina, Louise has been on the move for most of her adult life. After beginning her career with an interior designer in Jackson, WY, Louise relocated to New York City to further explore the world of interiors and refine her personal, eclectic aesthetic. Louise spent several years working for large, international fabric and furniture houses, and then five years working for Steven Gambrel, an AD100 Designer, at S.R. Gambrel, Inc.

Moving away from her Southern roots has not erased the undertone of classic traditionalism in her style. Her background, in combination with a wide range of industry experience, and an innate adoration for uniquely beautiful furniture and textiles, results in a diversely layered look that feels collected over time, and never contrived. “My goal is that every space feel full and refined and at the same time has personal depth and feels lived in, not staged. There is a way to merge old and new, traditional and contemporary, and all types of materials and textures so that it feels like it was just meant to be. Branching out from one set style creates a new style of its own, but it has to be done thoughtfully to be successful.”

Louise launched L.B. Copeland Interior Design out of San Francisco in early 2015 and moved the company back to New York City in 2017. Currently, Louise is living in North Carolina and working on projects in New Canaan, CT, Hudson Valley, NY, Washington, D.C., Charlottesville, VA, Charlotte, NC, and Palm Beach, FL.


Louise Copeland

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