calls for entry | Aug 24, 2017 |
Upholstery manufacturer O. Henry House turns to Instagram for inspiration

The 25-year-old, family-owned and North Carolina-based upholstery company is seeking the name of its next sofa, and it's taking the search to social media.

O. Henry
The to-be-named sofa

The "Hi! My Name is" contest, which runs from September 5-19, asks fans to name their latest sofa. (The "hi, my name is" line refers to the fact that the company gives its products human names.)

In order to participate: Follow @ohenryhouse on Instagram, and then add a comment with your suggested name to the official contest posts on either September 5 or September 12.

O. Henry House values the members of our community, clients and designers alike, and we see this contest as a way to connect with them and draw inspiration for our latest introduction,” says company vice president, Laura Gregory.

According to the company, "Every aspect of their bench-made custom upholstery, including the name of each piece, is meticulously thought out. Perfecting fine upholstery is a challenging and rewarding process; finding a name that most accurately reflects the personality and style of each new piece is the last critical step."

The winner will receive a signed book from interior designer Michael Smith and the Jasper Showroom, their LA representation, as well as a photo feature on the O. Henry House website.

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