news | Nov 18, 2016 |
NYT Magazine’s Design Issue hits stands
Boh staff

The New York Times Magazine Design Issue, which hit stands last week, delves into the theme of redesign. In his editor’s note, Editor in Chief Jake Silverstein noted that the issue had been conceptualized and printed days before Election Day, noting that there was no influence of the poll results on the issue’s content. “And yet, the uncertainty of the outcome at the time we published them suits the theme of this special issue: our current mania with redesigning, tweaking, optimizing, improving, refreshing and updating everything.”

Among the features: “How Furniture Makers Are Catering to Millennials,” exploring a new legion of furniture firms that are targeting younger customers; and “Look Again,” focused on redesign challenges issued to six designers, and written in part by Paola Antonelli, a senior curator at the Museum of Modern Art

Speaking to both the issue’s theme of redesign as well as the recent presidential election, Silverstein writes, “No design is ever permanent but merely a way station between what a thing used to be and what it might yet become—a source of consolation, perhaps, if your wished-for presidential redesign did not prevail in this past week’s contest.”

T, The New York Times Style Magazine has recurring design-centered issues, but The New York Times Magazine’s most recent design-themed issue before this one was printed in June 2015. 

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