Charity | Oct 19, 2015 |
Luxury Living hosts event to benefit wildcat conservation
Boh staff
By Staff

At an October 14 evening event hosted by Luxury Living Group, founder and CEO Alberto Vignatelli and recently appointed vice president and creative director Ally Coulter helped raise funds to benefit Panthera, the wildcat conservation organization. Panthera founder and chairman Thomas Kaplan cohosted the event, held at Luxury Living’s New York flagship.

“We’re inspired that Luxury Living has made an extraordinary commitment to raising awareness about the dire threats facing wildcats from poaching. Operating in the shadows, the insidious poaching industry threatens the future not just of wildcats and the critical habitats that support this biodiversity...but also the local communities who live with the natural world. To meet that threat, Panthera is taking the battle to the poachers through the training of law enforcement patrols, dismantling traps and removing snares set for wildlife, among other cutting-edge methods,” shared Dr. Kaplan. "This cause takes awareness, and it takes capital. Thanks to the exceptional generosity of Luxury Living, and the passion of Alberto and Ally in particular, Panthera is one step closer to owning the night."

Artist Peter Tunney’s work, including the collage "Truth and Beauty" and two versions of the hand-pulled silkscreen "Jaguar," were on display and auctioned off to support Panthera. Luxury Living is donating 5 to 10 percent of proceeds generated from New York sales of Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa and Heritage Collection made from October 14 to November 14 to the organization.

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