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Luke Haynes log cabin quilt exhibit to debut next month
Boh staff
By Staff

Artist Luke Haynes will debut 50 quilts for his Indiegogo-funded installation “The Log Cabins of Donald Judd” in Los Angeles on February 18. Haynes crafted the log cabin quilts, each measuring 7.5 square feet, with particular attention to materials, scale and concept, using red, white and black elements and recycled textiles.

“In learning my trade and the vernacular of quilting, I have been practicing block types and learning the history of piecing. Because there are a vast amount of overlaps in quilting blocks, I was led to take on the designer’s method to learn the basic language before venturing forth,” says Haynes. “The log cabin is arguably the first repeatable quilting block and is therefore where I started.”

Inspired by the “100 untitled works in mill aluminum, 1982-1986” installation by Donald Judd at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, Haynes’ work is intended to emulate an architectural, not art, exhibition. “I want there to be too many pieces, so that the experience the viewer gets is to view the whole show as a single piece as well as multiples, visually selecting pieces by detail and material (shirt, jeans, towels, sheet, etc.), to get a better sense of the implicit material story,” says Haynes.

“The Log Cabins of Donald Judd” runs for 10 days, beginning February 18, at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. Learn more.

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