industry insider | Apr 16, 2018 |
How high-end bedding can save the ocean

Color us impressed: On the heels of donating the profits from its pink products for breast cancer research last fall, luxury French linen brand Yves Delorme is now partnering with the international nonprofit The TerraMar Project to support ocean conservation and protection by sharing proceeds from its aqua-colored line.

Yves Delorme's new aqua hue
Yves Delorme’s new aqua hue

Yves Delorme’s head of design, Laurence Rouet, created a water-inspired spring/summer 2018 collection in the new aqua color. For the month of April, 10 percent of proceeds from sales on all aqua-colored Yves Delorme Classic products, in addition to the new-this-season Neptune, Naïade and Écume lines across all colors, are being donated to support the ocean nonprofit’s initiative of free marine education. Among the pieces in the forthcoming collection are robes and linens, including pillows and pillow cases.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with The TerraMar Project to raise awareness about the protection of the ocean in honor of the Yves Delorme water-themed spring-summer 2018 collection,” says Lee Dufour, the company’s vice president of marketing and communications. “The TerraMar Project is so inspiring to us because of their unique ability to connect and empower people around the world under a common cause, as well as their key role in bringing the ocean to the forefront of the global sustainability stage. Yves Delorme is also looking to the future and pledging with The TerraMar Project to research the reduction of plastics and increase recycled materials in our packaging and shipping process.”

The brand's Naiade collection; courtesy Yves Delorme
A pillow from the brand’s Naïade collection. Photos courtesy Yves Delorme Inc.

“Water has this incredible ability to make people feel genuinely happy, and connected with the pace of nature. But not only is the ocean aesthetically pleasing, we also depend on a healthy ocean for our future here on planet Earth,” says Brian Yurasits, director of development at The TerraMar Project. “The ocean gives us oxygen, necessary resources, and a stable climate, among so much more. This is why we are working so hard to help organizations take steps in the right direction to reduce their use of plastics, which have become an epidemic problem in our world’s oceans.”

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