| Sep 23, 2010 |
"Gain" emphasizes the role of design in revitalizing business
Boh staff
By Staff

Design (Re)Invents, the theme of this year's AIGA design conference, addresses how businesses can deploy design to create new value and positioning.

The gathering brings together a high-profile, accomplished and varied group of designers and innovators including J Allard, Paola Antonelli, David Droga, Larry Keeley, John Maeda and Marije Vogelzang. The group wiill focus on how design can recharge everything from consumer brands to comic books, from the way we eat to the way we interact.

Through case studies and discussions moderated by Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design at MoMA, the speakers will show how they reinvented their businesses by employing smart design.

Panelists include Fast Company's “Masters of Design” Fiona Morrisson, director of brand and advertising at JetBlue; Bjarke Ingels, founder of the architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG); and Gadi Amit, CEO of the industrial design firm NewDealDesign; and Fast Company editor in chief Linda Tischler.

Other speakers will include Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, founder and CEO, Teshkeel Media Group, and creator of the first group of comic superheroes born of an Islamic archetype, The 99, which has received critical acclaim from around the world—including praise from President Barack Obama at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship; J Allard, former chief experience officer and chief technology officer of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft, who managed the technical development of the Xbox console and Zune media player; David Droga, founder and creative chairman of Droga5, one of the most recognized independent advertising agencies in America and the group behind the award-winning Puma Index campaign; Erica Eden, senior industrial designer at Smart Design and co-founder of Femme Den, a team of researchers, designers and engineers at the forefront of investigations into the connection between design and gender; Jonathan Harris, an artist, computer scientist and designer, who founded number27 and co-created We Feel Fine, “an almanac of human emotion” website that continuously measures human beings’ combined emotional temperature through large-scale blog analysis; Larry Keeley, co-founder and president of innovation firm Doblin, a strategist who has worked for 30 years to develop more effective innovation methods, and a creative visionary who was recently named by BusinessWeek as one of the 27 most influential designers in the world; John Maeda, artist, author, computer scientist and president of the Rhode Island School of Design, who served as associate director of research at MIT’s Media Lab and works to integrate technology, education and the arts into a 21st century synthesis of creativity and innovation; Su Mathews, senior partner at legendary branding firm Lippincott, who led the development and launch of Walmart’s brand revitalization—a massive repositioning that contemporized the brand while retaining the values of its legacy and heritage; Marije Vogelzang, owner and founder of Studio Marije Vogelzang and Proef, and a pioneer in the field of eating design who creates provocative yet intimate new food rituals and art installations.

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