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Former Architectural Digest staffers launch new online mag
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Entra, a new bi-monthly online magazine, looks a lot like the way Architectural Digest looked under its former leadership. There's a good reason for that: the founding team consists of all former-AD staffers including Art Director Jeffrey Nemeroff; Photographer Mary E. Nichols; and Editors Maile Pingel and Lisa Bingham.

The premiere issue, which officially launched May 19, features Eddie Jones's vacation home on the Sea of Cortez; Philippe Starck condos in India; Charles Hollis Jones’s California bungalow—and his new design for President Obama; Moore Ruble Yudell's California Ranch redo; Twila Wilson’s island ethos on St. Croix; and Shope Reno Wharton in Aspen.

The Editor at Large had the opportunity to sit down with Nemeroff, and ask a few questions about the new venture:

EAL: What inspired you to start Entra?

JN: This began late last year, as the brainchild of photographer Nichols. She saw the writing on the wall as far as the future of print magazines was concerned and also saw that there was room in the digital world for a different sort of shelter magazine. She got in touch with me, and then we got Bingham and Pingel involved.

The trend in online publications is toward complex layouts and small photographs. We wanted to create our own look: a clean presentation with large and iconic images that allow readers to see details in the rooms, window views, true colors and shadows. Whether readers realize it or not, almost everything they’re seeing in most shelter publications has been “produced” or reworked by a stylist.

Our approach offers architects and designers the assurance that their projects will be presented as they were created. We want the vision of the architects and the designers—and the photographers’ talent—to really come through in our pages.

EAL: Any special meaning behind the title?

JN: Definitely. Some form of the word appears in many languages and means “to enter” or “to go in.” For our purposes it has two meanings. We’re asking our readers to enter our pages and to enter the homes that we’re showing. It connotes a sense of welcome.

EAL: How will Entra be different from other online mags?

JN: Our look, in some ways, is similar to a print magazine—gorgeous photography from amazing photographers and full-page spreads with simple, uncluttered layouts—but we set out to push the boundaries of the traditional magazine, and we purposely broke with the standard format (front of the book with ad adjacencies and a well with no ads) to make this a more visual experience for the reader.

Our advertisers are given plenty of space and focus, too. As well, bonus features are part of things from the get-go. In particular we’ve got voiceovers and videos from architects and designers. Those offerings will certainly expand as we grow.

We’re also showcasing a really wide range of projects. We’re really emphasizing international design, so in the same issue we’re covering a glass artist working in France, a Shigeru Ban-designed project in South Korea and several hotels around the world.

EAL: Will it be a similar business model as a print magazine?

JN: Yes. We’re definitely selling ads. But we’re also charging for subscriptions. The first issue will be free; subsequent issues will be available by subscription on a yearly basis. I think we’re at a critical point in the world of online publications, and the model is moving away from free content.

EAL: Is the target reader same as AD?

JN: Our niche is the enthusiast. We’re looking to appeal to men and women of all ages, and professionals and consumers alike. We also offer insight for people new to design, like students. Our focus is international and we’re covering a broad range of styles and media, so there’s really something for everyone.

Entra magazine can be viewed online Entramagazine.com.

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