| Feb 12, 2015 |
DFA’s survey reveals positive thoughts on industry growth
By Staff

The Decorative Furnishings Association (DFA) has revealed the results of its very first public survey: growth is a common theme, with more than 40 percent of responding industry leaders reporting additional hiring.

In a move to keep the industry more informed, the DFA announced in its year-end-meeting that it would conduct surveys about the state of the industry throughout the year and would send the results out publicly.

The survey polled 57 of its members who hold varied positions across the industry, from design center representatives to fabric and furniture retailers and design publications.

Read on for some highlights:

•    Nearly 70 percent of respondents felt that business revenue would increase by more than 5 percent in the next year.

•    In 2014, sales rose (from 2013) by more than 10 percent for 30 percent of respondents, between 5 and 10 percent for 30 percent of respondents and less than 5 percent for 30 percent of respondents.

•    70 percent of respondents said their business was having slow and steady growth.

•    More than 50 percent of respondents hired new employees this year.

•    Close to 60 percent of respondents answered they will have no change in employee headcount while 40 percent expect an increase. Zero percent of respondents plan on cutting back on employees this year.

•    Close to 60 percent of respondents agreed that third-quarter sales in 2014 were “moderately strong,” while close to 20 percent felt they were “very strong.” None of the respondents felt sales were extremely weak.

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