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Design & Architecture Film Festival opens in Russia
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The second annual International Design & Architecture Film Festival ‘DA!Fest,’ a competition dedicated to worldwide design and architecture projects and objects, opens today in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Created by Eugene Bruchas, a Russian product designer and creative director at BSCA creative agency in St. Petersburg, DA!Fest ran its first film competition in Nov. 2011.

Bruchas’ concept for the festival is quite simple: he found it to be much harder to promote himself through design objects or architecture projects, moving them from exhibition to exhibition, and that it was much more effective and easier to show a ‘film’ of your project using a laptop or even a phone. In that case the project would be able to reach a much broader audience, and allow a designers work to be in multiple places at once.

Highlights from DA!Fest 2011

Last year, the competition program consisted of 32 films from six countries and was judged by professional Russian designers, architects and film directors. The winners included: Juri Dovganjuk for Best Overall Video, Ellie Artyom for Best Architecture Video, Ageeva Arina and Zhuikov Dmitry for Best Professional Design Video, Belonosov Dmitry and Abolenceva Julia for Best Beginner Design Video and Kopyleva Alexandra for Best Analytic Film.

DA!Fest 2012 design submission

This year, 49 videos have been submitted to the DA!Fest competition from designers across Russia and Ukraine.

Designers are also encouraged to submit videos not to be considered for an award, but for a chance to get their names and work out there to the thousands of people who attend the festival. Designers who've submitted non-competitive videos come from Ukraine, Scotland, Sweden, Lithuania, USA, Latvia, Australia and Portugal.

Russian product designer Dima Loginoff will showcase his work and the ‘2014 Winter Olympics Video’ documenting the infrastructure behind Olympic architecture projects will be shown as well.

The festival will run from Nov. 20-25 and will include lectures, workshops and standing exhibitions as well as the films. For a complete list of events, click here.

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