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DDB targets the power of storytelling for upcoming market

Stories have the power to completely transform a brand: Add a compelling narrative and suddenly a simple sofa becomes a domestically-handcrafted frame upholstered in fabric that was woven on a 250-year-old loom. The D&D Building (DDB), which houses a mix of heritage brands and inventive start-ups, has set out to tell the stories that showcase the people, products and processes of the interior design industry. Come October 11 and 12, the design center will host its Fall Market with programming that highlights “The Power of Storytelling.”

Liz Nightingale
Liz Nightingale

“Each designer, each room, and each home tells a story, so we wanted to echo that in this Market,” Liz Nightingale, vice president, director of marketing at the DDB, tells EAL. “It’s important that everything we are talking about is relevant, unexpected and resonates—that’s what storytelling is.”

As with any good story, it’s sure to be shared. Designers communicate pass these details and ideas to their clients, who then share them with guests. It’s an added value, which is exactly what DDB hopes to create at its upcoming Market.

Listen Up
It’s often those who know us best that have the best stories to tell. With that in mind, the DDB invited industry professionals with “special connections” to the brands to serve as panelists. Here are a few of the stories worth hearing at the Fall Market.

DDB targets the power of storytelling for upcoming market
Heritage crystal brand Baccarat will host the second keynote with special guests Martha Stewart, Shawn Henderson and Stephen Sills.

The strict rules of designer confidentiality loosen in the “Telling Tales” keynote, hosted by Architectural Digest’s Amy Astley. Designers-to-the-stars Brian Sawyer and Monique Gibson, whose clients include the likes of Bette Midler and Meg Ryan, share their expert advice on designing spaces that reflect a client’s individuality.

Later in the day, Baccarat hosts Martha Stewart, Shawn Henderson and Stephen Sills in a discussion led by Dan Rubenstein of Departures. The designers will share how they’ve harmonized the senses to create top-notch experiences, both in design and when entertaining.

DDB targets the power of storytelling for upcoming market
Amy Astley and Martha Stewart

The conversation turns to digital storytelling when Instagram tastemakers Kate Rumson and Will Taylor join Beacon Hill creative director Alexis Audette to spill their time-tested tips for gaining followers and exposure on social media. Domino’s Jessica Romm Perez moderates the Insta story-worthy discussion, held in the Robert Allen showroom.

Stories to Be Told
“A story has so many elements—it touches the intellect, the emotion, the heart and the spirit,” says Nightingale. “We’re aiming for the programs to touch those elements because that’s what design is all about.”

While it’s important to look back, the DDB is looking ahead, too. “The biggest motivator is keeping [Market] fresh and current,” says Nightingale. “I don’t want to say that we know how to tell the future, but we certainly have our finger on the pulse of everything.”

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