east coast edition | Feb 12, 2018 |
DC showhouse closes its doors after 10 years

A unanimous board of directors voted to disband the yearly DC Design House, which had raised $290,000 for the Children’s National Health System during last October’s event and more than $2 million over the course of its 10 years.

2017 DC Design House; courtesy DC Design House
The 2017 DC Design House; courtesy DC Design House

The board had discussed “a range of ways to continue,” but ultimately decided to end the program. Founding members of the nonprofit include co-founder and corporate officer Skip Singleton, co-founder Debbie Singleton, corporate officer and designer liaison Taylor Wells, and the late Sandy Steele, who was a corporate officer. Additional members of the board of directors include Kathy Barker, Susan Hayes Long, Sherry Moeller, Sharon Putterman and Randie Reilly.

The showhouse began in 2008 as a one-off event and evolved into a recurring showhouse series, welcoming some 90,000 visitors over the course of its decade-long run.

“We all want to proudly end the DC Design House on a high note for what we collectively achieved,” Skip Singleton, who is also principal of DC Living Real Estate, said in a statement. “We are grateful for our all-volunteer staff working hard throughout the years to keep costs low in an effort to maximize our annual donation to Children’s.”

“I would like to congratulate and thank all of our designers over this incredible decade and the boutique vendors who gave everyone a reason to shop,” says Long, who was DC Design House chair. “I also want to thank all of the volunteers, including members of the Children's Health Board for the countless hours, and finally: Bravo to the first four who came up with this project to benefit Children’s—Skip Singleton, Debbie Singleton, Taylor Wells, and the late Sandy Steele. This event was totally a labor of love.”

In addition to its seven years in Washington, D.C., the DC Design House has appeared in McLean, Virginia, and Potomac and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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