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'Best of' this year’s Maison&Objet and Paris Deco Off
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With the wrap of this year’s Paris trade shows, designers and editors have flown home with their heads full of ideas for the upcoming season. Among them are designers Timothy Corrigan, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Rachel Laxer, Oliver M. Furth and Stephan Jones, who reflect on the “best of” moments from this year’s trip. Below, quotes about their favorite products and meet-ups distill the events of last month’s Maison&Objet and Paris Deco Off.

Black marble bathtub by Maison Valentina and hand-painted chest by Moissonnier

“My favorite product is a new system of LED lighting called Blackbody, which allows you to create amazing shapes with individual LED lights that can be adjusted for color warmth. My second favorite product is this hand-painted chest from esteemed French furniture-maker Moissonnier. They took the traditional lines of a Louis XV commode and made all of the bronze garniture silver, then painted it with fanciful contemporary Chinoiserie. My third favorite piece is this very sleek, yet raw, black marble bathtub from Italy’s Maison Valentina. It would feel like pure indulgence to take a bath in this.”—Timothy Corrigan, L.A.-based interior designer

“I had so much fun being on a panel on the use of antiques in even the most contemporary of settings with Elle Décor Editor in Chief Michael Boodro and Toma Haines Clark from The Antiques Diva,” added Corrigan. “Since there was no big ‘American’ party this year, this event served is the place to see all your American friends in Paris.”

Bullard with his crystal apple for Daum and a bathtub by Koket

“Well of course my picks have to include some of my very own launches like the crystal apple I designed for Daum. [It’s] the ultimate temptation that even Snow White couldn't refuse! [Also] a large hollow ruby crystal Photophore I designed to be the ultimate tablescape object was a huge success at Maison and a particular favorite of mine. I have also always wanted to do porcelain, and this season’s launch of my ‘Hollywood' pieces was the penultimate design for my collection with Haviland Limoges. The porcelain has been designed with a David Hicks-style 1970s geometric reference, while encompassing some tribal design and an orientalist flavor. Finally, the 'bubble bath' from Kokets new bathroom brand is the ultimate in bath time playtime. I loved the whimsy of this crazy piece, which was actually really comfortable and madly decorative in an over-the-top way.”—Martyn Lawrence Bullard, L.A.-based interior designer

“Christofle threw a dinner at the fabulous and historic Restaurant Lapérouse on the Carre Rive Gauche to celebrate our collaboration,” continued Bullard. “They took the largest private dining room and filled it with ancient silver from their museum and candle light. It was the very same room Oscar Wilde and Sandra Bernhart had dined in—Pure Parisian magic at its most decadent.”

Martha Sturdy headboard with Catherine Regher bedding

“I want to do a resin headboard in blues for a beach house in Bridgehampton. There is something so stunning about the material and how Martha Sturdy can create softness from a hard material. Catherine Regehr’s ready-made bedding with amazing price points was also a favorite. I just want to dive into this bed!”—Rachel Laxer, New York-based interior designer

Nimbus Chandelier by CTO Lighting, Kubus Bowl by Lassen

“I was so pleased to discover this wonderful German glass-blower Alexa Lixfeld, who was present at the show. She describes her objects as ‘storytellers’—they are all handmade, non-industrial and unique. The Nimbus Chandelier by CTO Lighting is a great-looking piece! It definitely has a mid-century, Verner Panton vibe, but has been re-tooled for 2015. Finally, the Kubus Bowl by Lassen was based on original 1962 sketches by Mogens Lassen, and is truly timeless. It combines two perfect shapes, a cube and a half sphere, and comes in two sizes and a variety of chic finishes.”—Oliver M. Furth, L.A.-based interior designer

“Paris is such a romantic city, and it was great to be there with my boyfriend, Sean Yashar,” Furth continued. “We arrived early in the week to have one night alone together before the busy schedule set in. On Tuesday night, we went out for a cheese soufflé dinner at a favorite (small, quiet, non-touristy) left-bank restaurant.”

Pierre Frey's Origami fabric, stool by It is Yesterday

“There was a common theme to the things I was drawn to: a combination of ivory and graphite, with either a bold graphic weave or a subtle one. Throw in some citron or peacock blue for pop and you would have a très chic interior. I could hang Pierre Frey’s Origami weave on the wall; it has great scale for upholstery and a Matisse cutout quality to it. It is texture and pattern but still neutral to me. And at BRAFA I totally fell for the work of Jean Paul Blais, shown by Bailly Gallery. He hand-carves thick solid pieces of wood into serene surfaces—like Louis Nevelson on steroids. They have an amazing inner glow and I just love the fluidity of his compositions.”—Stephan Jones, L.A.-based interior designer

“During market I realized the history of our industry runs so deep in France and Europe,” Jones added. ”It was eye-opening to see these ateliers at work creating and drawing from knowledge from centuries ago, all to create, new and refreshing design. It is inspirational to be a part of this industry.”

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