| Apr 7, 2016 |
ASID, IFDA, SFC respond to HB2 passage
Boh staff
By Staff

More organizations are responding to the passage of HB2, the law that bans North Carolina’s local LGBT nondiscrimination policies and may impact High Point Market. ASID voiced its support of those pressuring the governor and legislature to rescind HB2, a law it calls “discriminatory, unacceptable and counterproductive.” The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), which is based in North Carolina and is composed of 400 member companies in the furnishings industry, sent a statement directly to the state’s General Assembly and to the governor. The IFDA also spoke out to reaffirm its principles of diversity and inclusion.

ASID points out that the law may negatively impact business in the state, particularly the upcoming High Point Market, which is one of North Carolina’s top income generators. The organization writes, “ASID rejects discrimination of any kind and, as the voice of the profession, we expect public policies to support and protect—not jeopardize—our members, the profession and the industry. While ASID will continue with our scheduled programming at Market, which includes a session on ‘The Impact of Government Laws and Regulations on Your Design Business,’ we will evaluate future interactions and business opportunities in North Carolina as well as other states with similar laws. Our vigilance on this matter will not cease, and we strongly urge all elected officials to move without delay to repeal discriminatory laws like HB2.”

Susan Inglis, executive director of SFC, said, “We feel strongly that discrimination makes it impossible to sustain a healthy future. We hope that our legislators will soon repeal this senseless law and get on with the more important business of securing our future by legislating reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants.” The SFC’s statement read: “The Sustainable Furnishings Council, a North Carolina–based organization comprised of 400 member companies in the furnishings industry, is appalled by the passage of HB2 in the North Carolina General Assembly and by the governor’s signing it…. The discrimination this law condones is contrary to our principles and values. Furthermore, the law is a detriment to our industry and the economic well-being of our state. We call on the governor and our legislators to repeal the law and work assiduously to reverse the damage it is causing.”

IFDA reiterated its stance as a nondiscriminatory organization. “We encourage all members of the industry to stand together in unity for the promotion of equality and diversity,” stated Diane Nicolson, FIFDA, president of IFDA. “We are stronger together than when divided; let us unite people from all ends of the industry and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.”

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