| Jun 1, 2010 |
aruliden reinterprets table tennis for Puma
Boh staff
By Staff

This week at The Conran Shop in New York, PUMA will unveil its latest design concept "Chalk," a collaboration with aruliden, a brand strategy and product design consultancy.

Each table is made by hand and features a chalkboard surface designed to engage players and spectators in new creative ways. A steel chain-link net introduce street elements to a sport often played in basements or a neighbors’ garage. Materials and design considerations such as angled black ash wood legs and storage compartments for objects or beverages, along with the overall graphic nature of the table serve to enhance a game that is often overlooked.

CHALK debuts in New York June 3, 2010, at The Conran Shop, with special guest Susan Sarandon of Spin New York kicking off a match between international champion Marty Reisman and Lower East Side champion star Franck Raharinosy. It will also be placed for play at PUMA Social and in our favorite bars and hotels across the US.

CHALK will be available for purchase at The Conran Shop.

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