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Alexa Hampton discusses adding e-commerce to her site
Boh staff

Alexa Hampton debuted a new e-commerce feature to her website earlier this season, in response to what she says was “ever-growing” demand. Hampton takes EAL to the site’s backend, explaining the motivation for the business and how other designers might learn from her new venture. 

When did the e-commerce section debut? Why did you decide to include it on your site?
The Partners section of the site, which is an e-commerce platform that offers a sampling of my licensed collections, debuted in late August. I decided to create it because it is an ever-growing component of my business, and I wanted to gather multiple brands in one spot. 

Any advice for designers looking to integrate e-commerce into their businesses?
I do think it helps to have everything in one place, rather than on disparate sites all over the internet. 

How did you choose inventory? Did clients offer input?
The site does not show all of my product; it shows a few of the highlights from my collections. Perhaps at some point, I’ll have more. I am having fun with the site too. It has movie reviews and sells Sharpies and soon will sell tequila and floral arrangements. The site allows me to explore fun lifestyle offerings, not all of which are my own design. For example, I have included the artwork of some of my great friends. I love to feature the photography of Lucia Engstrom and Celia Rogge in my work, and this site gave me another chance to support their talent. 

Alexa Hampton

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