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4 designers share their clients’ top questions

Clients are bound to have questions during the design process. Whether they’re thinking big picture or getting into the weeds, designers need to be ready with the answers. We asked four industry pros—Summer Jensen, Tamara Feldman, David Pascu and April Gandy—to share the concerns that are on their clients’ minds.

4 designers share their clients’ top questions
Summer JensenCourtesy of Hawk & Co

Product Conscious

“The most common questions I field have to do with longevity and durability [of the products I spec], from porosity of countertops and how much red wine it takes to stain Carrara marble to whether fabric is bleach-cleanable. Everyone wants performance, and luckily, many products these days are built for just that. What I hope to start are more conversations about sustainability and where items come from: Are they good for me? How can I live better for myself and for the environment? Passive sustainable techniques and biophilic details will be critical elements of design moving forward, and I look forward to having those conversations more.” —Summer Jensen, Hawk & Co, Los Angeles

4 designers share their clients’ top questions
Tamara FeldmanMarc Richard Tousignant

Touch Base

“Generally speaking, our clients’ most common concerns are: ‘How long will the construction last?’ Or ‘What kind of budget do we need?’ When it comes to the interiors, they ask about fabric maintenance and durability. We inspire confidence in our clients with our designs, and we communicate with them on a weekly basis to ensure transparency throughout the process.” —Tamara Feldman, Tamara Feldman Design, North Miami Beach, Florida

4 designers share their clients’ top questions
David PascuCourtesy of Abramson Architects

Design ROI

“Our clients’ concerns can vary significantly, but I get a lot of questions regarding construction costs and resale value. Zoning code questions are common because they can limit development of a property. Accessory dwelling units have also been on peoples’ minds lately as new legislation has recently been passed.” —David Pascu, Abramson Architects, Los Angeles

4 designers share their clients’ top questions
April GandyCourtesy of Alluring Designs

Time Line

“The questions I often hear from clients are: ‘What are typical lead times for furnishings?’ ‘What is the typical timeline for project completion?’ ‘What service options do we offer?’ ‘Do we have contractors we work with for renovation projects?’” —April Gandy, Alluring Designs, Chicago

Homepage image: Sea salt tones and statement pendants come together in this California kitchen by Summer Jensen | Chad Mellon

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