Collaborations | May 28, 2015 |
3-D wallpaper line debuts featuring Pratt students' work
Boh staff
By Staff

Pratt students are bringing pattern repetition and dimension to new life with "DEEP," a 3-D wallpaper collection. A collaboration between Pratt Institute Visiting Associate Interior Design Professor and Yale architect Sarah Strauss's graduate students and twenty2, Kyra and Robertson Hartnett's printing and design studio, "DEEP" showcases five different styles: Bloom, Vikingr, Whee!, Forest for the Trees and Falls.

The wallpapers are functional with or without 3-D glasses. The designs, which are newly launched at ICFF, are made to order, layered and eye-catching over multiple planes. They play with the eye and even the room itself. “3-D wallpaper takes something very familiar and asks it to behave differently,” said Strauss, “By using wallpaper to make space out of flatness, we are creating a new interactive experience for the interior.”

"VikingR" and "Falls" 3-D wallpaper

"Bloom" 3-D wallpaper

Each of the designs hails from a different inspiration: Bloom, for example, is the product of the imagination of LuzElena Wood, who developed a modern take on cacti blossom imagery. Vikingr was inspired by its creator Nadia Shaheen's trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland; Whee! calls upon the influence of amusement park visits of years past on designer Leticia Pardo; Forest for the Trees draws upon Isabell Jansen's Finnish heritage and native landscape, and Falls recalls billowing folds of fabric as seen by Strauss herself.

“As mentors, we helped challenge these talented students to rethink depth, dimension and pattern repeat,” said Kyra Hartnett. “Sarah's vision of bringing these to life in 3-D, coupled with our custom printing expertise, has created a collection that defies textile boundaries and that you have to see to believe.”

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