| Sep 15, 2016 |
Zak Profera chats about Zak+Fox’s latest line
Boh staff
By Staff

The rainy season of Madagascar is the inspiration for Zak+Fox’s latest line, Tail of Heaven, a seven-colorway selection of linen ombré panels. Zak Profera, the design firm’s founder and creative director, chats with EAL about his ethereal new collection.

Tell us about the concept for Tail of Heaven.
We have been creating ombré fabric for a few years now, which many of our clients know us for and love. Our original version would fade from left to right, spanning the width of the roll, but after we launched the collection, we received a ton of requests for a vertical version—something that worked more as a panel design. I’d been thinking of how we could reinvent and improve upon our original creation—and so Tail of Heaven was born.

What are some of your ideal applications for these panels? 
​They can definitely be used for upholstery, but they are ideal for drapes or vertical applications. We designed them at 12 feet tall so they would be versatile enough to use in many spaces—simply cut at top or bottom, based on preference.

What is your relationship to Madagascar?
Madagascar has always fascinated me—it is undoubtedly one of the furthest places to travel from our home in NYC, and it seems so incredibly layered with culture and history and natural wonders despite how tiny it is. I also tend to lean toward the obscure—I think most people aren’t aware of the culture of Madagascar, and as I began to research it, I realized how foreign it all was to me as well, which only made me want to learn more.


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