| Dec 8, 2010 |
Windsor Smith launches 'Room In A Box'
Boh staff
By Staff

Interior designer Windsor Smith is thinking out of the box by putting luxury decorating into one.

With the debut of her new online interior design site, Windsor Smith Room In A Box, she promises not only to put a bow around the design process for her online clients but also connect them directly to her merchants via her proprietary My Studio portal where they can purchase the elements that make up her bespoke designed room.

The idea came when she realized there was a void for accessible, custom, luxury design. “Today’s environment and the added innovations in technology have necessitated that designers think in new paradigms,” she said. “With the launch of my new online service, I am able to collaborate with a whole new marketplace of consumers who are passionate about design and who want to be integrated into the process from their desktops. This new model promises to engage a new generation of informed and savvy consumers,” said Smith.

Clients are required to fill out an online lifestyle questionnaire and send in images and dimensions of the room(s) they wish to realize along with inspirational photos. Once a studio client, they are kept up to date on their project through the My Studio page.

The 6-week design process culminates with the arrival of a stunning peacock blue box filled with their bespoke design, which includes a scaled floor plan, room rendering and story board, as well as furnishing and fabric selections. 

“The beauty of the Room In A Box concept is that the client has total control over the design and budget once the design is delivered.  They can either click through to purchase exactly to design specifications or use the design to purchase similar pieces that adapt to their unique requirements.  This custom service takes clients from inspiration to final design and offers an accessible way to work with an established designer. I am thrilled to be able to provide another choice for today’s consumer,” said Smith.

Pricing is based on the room type and square footage and ranges from $ 900.00 to $4,800.00 per room.

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