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What are your top strategies for marketing your firm?

Knowing how to market your firm is key to maintaining a thriving business. We asked six designers—Matt Donahoe, Amanda Evans, Rebecca Hay, Chanda Kea, Peti Lau and Risha Walden—to share their most successful marketing strategies.

Amanda Evans
Amanda EvansCourtesy of Amanda Evans

There’s an app for that
“Over the years, we have found the most successful marketing for our firm is word of mouth from previous clients or builders and contractors that we work with. However, our following on Instagram has grown and turned followers into clients. We use an app called Planoly to plan out our grid for weeks in advance and to schedule posts. Having a robust Instagram account and engaging with followers is like a full-time job in itself, so having an app that can help with planning and posting takes a lot of stress out of the equation.” —Amanda Evans, Amanda Evans Interiors, Vancouver

Chanda Kea
Chanda KeaCourtesy of Chanda Kea

“Showing before-and-after videos and photos on our website and social media platforms has been the best marketing method that we use regularly to show how a transformation is made from start to finish.” —Chanda Kea, Kea Interiors, Dallas

Matt Donahoe
Matt DonahoeCourtesy of Matt Donahoe

Home team
“As any designer will tell you, word of mouth reigns supreme in our industry. We work in such an intimate way with clients—it only makes sense to leverage the experience of our family and friends when asking someone to enter homes in this way. Still, we live in ever-changing times. Social media has become the main conduit for design to be communicated to the masses. Although I have chosen not to use our social media to its fullest—preferring a sense of mystery of sorts—I find myself engaging in it more year over year. We are also believers in the power of regional publications and partners. Although we have projects internationally, we have always enjoyed the comfort of our ‘home base’ and maintaining our core audience.” —Matt Donahoe, Bureau Interior Design and Architectural Consulting, Nashville, Tennessee

Peti Lau
Peti LauCourtesy of Peti Lau

Press play
“The biggest tool for marketing my firm is the traditional route of publicity through articles and features about our design firm. After that, social media is second for just getting your name out there. But to actually get clients, it’s mostly word of mouth. I find that sites like 1stDibs or Chairish are good ways to connect with potential clients. Not only do designers use this platform, but so do homeowners and design-savvy customers that could be a potential client.” —Peti Lau, New York and Los Angeles

Rebecca Hay
Rebecca HayCourtesy of Rebecca Hay

Stay in touch
“It all starts with understanding what makes you unique and highlighting this differentiator. Instagram has been an incredible tool for us to raise awareness [and] showcase our design aesthetic and core differentiators. I also am a fan of a good email newsletter. It keeps your best clients in the know and keeps your firm front and center in their minds for potential referrals and future projects.” —Rebecca Hay, Rebecca Hay Designs, Toronto

Risha Walden
Risha WaldenCourtesy of Risha Walden

Social hour
“One of the most important tools for marketing my firm has been scheduling platforms for social media. As a business owner who is always on the go, being able to have my marketing content go live at key times of the day or week is extremely time-saving.” —Risha Walden, Walden Interiors, Millburn, New Jersey

Homepage photo: A project by Amanda Evans | Courtesy of Amanda Evans

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