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‘Transformation’ to be the theme of Finnish design fair
Dec 22, 2010

Helsinki-based interior decoration and design fair Habitare will have the 2011 theme: ‘Transformation,’ which addresses the recent economic recession as a reminder of the frailty of society.
"The changes happening around us force us to think and act differently, be flexible and evolve. Eventually, when we can no longer control everything ourselves, we must change. Changes can be big or small. What is certain is that we are currently living in constant change. The economy, climate, society and technology will continue to change, and with it, we the people and the way we go about our lives. The flow of changes can easily wash you away and uproot you if you refuse to confront it. Change can be a threat but also an opportunity; without change, there is no evolution," said a show representative.
‘Transformation’ to be the theme of Finnish design fair
"Mankind is in many ways approaching its limits. We increasingly have to make choices and abandon things that we have taken for granted or grown accustomed to. Our survival hinges on our ability to evolve. The changes also pose new challenges to design. Competition is intensifying, the ways of the trade are changing, and customer behaviour is becoming increasingly unpredictable. In many sectors of design, the recession has necessitated change and a new mindset."
The theme encourages companies to acknowledge the changes in their operating environment and to be able to react to them in order to survive in the future. "Design has become an increasingly important competitive factor also for businesses other than traditional design companies, who in turn will have to consider new types of business models," said the representative.
Habitare covers interior decoration to functional design, from private homes to public spaces. It will be organized at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre from 14 to 18 September 2011.

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