| Jan 27, 2010 |
The Shashi Caan Collective and John McGee join forces to create The Collective UK
Boh staff
By Staff

The Shashi Caan Collective announced that they have joined forces with their valued and long-time colleague, John McGee, and his team in the United Kingdom. This development has led to the creation of their new UK office and a team of professionals known as The Collective UK.

Recognizing that creative individuals envision extraordinary possibilities from within the ordinary, The Collective provides architectural interior, product and workplace design solutions which focus on supporting people both pragmatically and qualitatively. They believe that good design has the potential to transform lives, revitalize business and define an improved society and culture. The firm is known for continuously seeking design excellence and for work which pushes the boundaries of client-centered service. The Collective's collaborative structure results in innovation and efficient creativity, produced by staff that practice within a culture of life balance. Living their talk, the success of The Collective is exemplified by the firm's reputation and receipt of major industry awards and accolades.

"In past collaborations, we realized that we were capable of becoming a seamless team, sharing mutual values and a strong work ethic," explains Shashi Caan, Founding Principal of The Collective (USA). "By combining our professional skills, experience and resources to form a unified design and serves entity, we are now able to offer our clients a comprehensive scope of creative strategies that are client and location specific."

UK Managing Director John McGee reiterates that "The team in the UK and I have been extremely fortunate and honored to work with Shashi and her team over the years. Our new entity holds an exciting and greater future than ever before. We will further strengthen our business by continuing to offer the highest quality in creative, innovative and sustainable solutions, whilst enhancing our capability to provide first class service to our diverse client base."

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