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Survey shows Americans are obsessed with their own homes
Boh staff
By Staff

The inaugural “HGTV HomePulse Survey,” the first in a series commissioned by Scripps Networks Interactive and Vision Critical to monitor consumer perspectives on home-related topics such as real estate, renovation, decoration and budgeting, also uncovers that Americans’ true obsession is with improving or enhancing their own homes.

The survey of approximately 1,000 randomly selected respondents ages 18+ finds that more than 81% believe that “money spent on improving my home will show a good return,” while 66% agree that “now is a good time to invest in my home.”

In fact, Americans love their homes so much that 61% indicate that they would “choose to spend on their homes rather than on something else like a vacation or the latest electronics.”

“We expected the HGTV HomePulse Survey to confirm that people love their homes and are willing to spend money to improve them, but we didn’t expect that they would be willing to give up something as important as a vacation to do it,” said Denise Conroy, senior vice president, marketing, HGTV. “The appetite that Americans have for where they live transcends other popular interests and indicates a much deeper relationship between consumers and their homes.”

When it comes to the preferred home improvements, men and women tend to agree on the need to expand the overall square footage of their home. However, 31% of women versus 17% of men would opt to update the décor while 19% of men versus 3% of women would choose technological enhancements. 

While many people want to create a comfortable home on the inside, 1 in 3 respondents tagged “a beautiful outdoor space” as extremely important to them.

Americans are passionate about home improvement, but in need of advice and information when working with professionals. Only 1 out of 5, about 22%, is confident that they are knowledgeable enough to keep a contractor honest.

The survey also revealed that 76% of all non-homeowners are optimistic that they will eventually own a home, undoubtedly underscoring an improving housing market. 

Despite the insatiable fascination with the lives of Hollywood celebrities, if given the opportunity to view only one famous home, one in three Americans (31%) would choose to see The White House.

Results from the survey will be released periodically with new findings.

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