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Showhouse introduces new trends in "techorating"
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Earlier this week, Showtime unveiled its 3rd-annual Showtime House at a star-studded preview party. Unlike previous years, this set of interiors went beyond showcasing new furnishings and accessories. Instead, new mediums such as computers, lighting and sound showed how technology can be used to enhance traditional decorating techniques.

The Borgia's Media Room by Marc Thorpe and David Schwartz.

"The Showtime house was fascinating because of the cutting edge technology found in each room," said Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny, the shelter media sponsor for the showhouse. "My favorite was the Lutron RadioRA 2 system that controls the lighting and temperature of your home by automatically lowering and raising window treatments according to the levels of light throughout the day.  It's also able to turn off your air conditioning while you're at work, and turn it back on 30 minutes before you arrive home in order to conserve energy."

Californication, A State of Mind, by Space 4 Architecture.

"I thought the slam dunk was the Californication room by Michele Busiri-Vici, Guelfo Carpegna and  Ulderic Micara of Space 4 Architecture. It was pure genius, cultivated enriched environment where everything made sense. The irony of the mirror on floor and the image of a couple in bed on the ceiling. Conceptually, I thought it was an A+," said interior designer Amy Lau of Amy Lau Design.

The architects described the room as a multi-sensorial journey into the disarray of a writer plagued by his personal demons. The character's conflict and disorientation is architecturally rendered through the rooms conceptual language.

Dexter Refuge by Jeff Andrews; Nurse Jackie Master Bedroom by Laura Bohn.

"It inspired me to think out of the box and be entertained visually," said textile designer Toby Revis of Revis Studio. "By incorporating good design in innovative ways, it challenged all of the senses. One of my favorite 'tech'niques was in the Californication Lounge by ECCO Design, where a computer took your photo and placed it inside the face of a character in a scene from the show; everyone enjoys a few minutes of fame and fun."

Weeds Lounge by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon; Dexter Refuge by Jeff Andrews.

Showhouse designers and architects include Jeff Andrews-Design, Space 4 Architecture, Robert Bristow and Pilar Proffitt of POESIS, Keith Baltimore of the Baltimore Design Group, Marc Thorpe of Third Eye Studios and David Schwarz of HUSH Studios, John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of John Loecke, Inc., Gregory Okshteyn of Studios GO, Katie Lydon Interiors,  Brooks Atwood of POD Design + Media with Perlin Studios, Stephen Chung/architect and Matthias Altwicker/AB Architekten, Laura Bohn Design Associates, Eric Chan, Bradley Price and Jeff Miller of ECCO Design, BG Studio International Inc. and Bruce Mau Design.

The showhouse is open Saturdays only September 11-October 23 from 11am-5pm. Admission is $15 per person and benefits Harlem Children's Zone.

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