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Pantone introduces nine palettes for 2015
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Rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative options, according to the latest Pantone View Home + Interiors guide, which takes a look a major color trends that will influence the home and interiors market in 2015.

"The key to selecting colors for any trend forecast is clear-eyed observation, an understanding of patterns, and the ability to translate all that is taking place in the world around us into color stories," said Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute. "[We are connecting the dots] not just in the world of art and design but also in the global culture at large—new technologies, travel destinations and visual media to name a few. Color is contextual and the color choices we make are often a direct reflection of the times in which we live. They speak to our attitudes, values and ideals."

According to Pressman, today’s consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable engaging with color. When it comes to individual color groups, the purples and the reds will continue their growth for 2015 with each shade range showing more depth and power than the year before and being utilized in most every application.

The nine palettes for 2015 are as follows:

Style-Setting (from left to right) Champagne Beige, Wood Violet, Deep Mahogany, Radiant Orchid, Steel Gray, Frosted Almond, Desert Taupe and White Alyssum.

Abstractions (from left to right) Rosette, Red Dahlia, Seaport, Crushed Grape, Hazel, Apricot Illusion, Stonewash and Vineyard Green.

Botanicum (from left to right) Antique Moss, Dusty Blue, Grape Nectar, Café au Lait, Orchid Mist, Vintage Violet, Orchid Smoke and Rock Ridge.

Zensations (from left to right) Pale Gold, Silver, Eclipse, Surf the Web, Azure Blue, Blue Coral, Anemone and Sea Spray.

Urban Jungle (from left to right) Hydro, Bamboo, Adobe, Orange Rust, Taffy, Biscotti, Meteorite and Bright White.

Tinted Medley (from left to right) Rose Smoke, Dusty Yellow, Bellini, Apricot Wash, Etherea, Dusty Pink, Peach Amber and Macadamia.

Past Traces (from left to right) Pastel Parchment, Peach Beige, Cameo Green, Faded Denim, Atmosphere, Marine Blue, Dusty Cedar and Cedar Green.

Serendipity (from left to right) Puffin's Bill, Scarlet Sage, Magenta, Spring Crocus, Eggshell Blue, Tiger's Eye, Bright Chartreuse and Golden Glow.

Spontaneity (from left to right) Winsome Orchid, Sunkist Coral, Misty Jade, Cantaloupe, Marigold, Hyacinth, Violet Quartz and Kelly Green.

The Pantone View Home + Interiors guide ($450) contains suggested color pairings, palettes tear-out cards, 72 color swatches, and images from the forecast for use in presentations and storyboards. It also offers a look at other factors influencing the world of home furnishings and interior environments.

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