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New trends debut at NYDC's What's New What's Next
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By Alexandra Rosario

Industry insiders came out last week for a day of seminars, discussions and new product introductions representing the latest trends in design at the New York Design Center’s (NYDC) third annual What’s New What’s Next event. We were able to hit some of the best seminars and get a sneak peek of what to watch for this coming season.

The new ethnic fabrics at Hickory Pearson

“We are the oldest and one of the most progressive design centers in the United States,” Jim Druckman, president of the NYDC, said. “We’re really excited to produce an event like this because each of our showrooms has new products. Every year it gets bigger and better and more successful, and the products get more interesting.”

Alix Lerman, director of marketing for the NYDC, was impressed with the crowd at the event.

“The turnout’s been fantastic!” she said. “This year, we had more RSVP’s than we ever had before. The crowd is a really great, fashionable crowd and they are really interested in what’s happening. Everything was well attended and we’re very pleased and having a great time. We get to celebrate design which is why we do this.”

Jennifer McConnell, Michelle Adams and Suysel dePedro Cunningham

New York Spaces Editor in Chief Jason Kontos spoke in the Atelier showroom about making style choices for our space and the future of design.

“There’s an evolution for the future of design. At New York Spaces, we really show what New York has to give,” he said. “I truly believe that New York has become the center of the design world.”

Over at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs showroom, the Wall Street Journal Magazine hosted a high tea and panel discussion moderated by Off Duty Editor Ruth Altchek. Carleton Varney, president and owner of Dorothy Draper and Company, participated in the panel and had much to say about new colors and inspirations.

Carleton Varnay at the WSJ Magazine panel

“What’s always been my thing is a world of color,” he said. “I would see all of these colors [outside] and think, why doesn’t the world use more color on the inside? I think color affects the mind and the way you think so much. I also believe the best neutral colors are yellows.”

Lerman agrees about the notion of color in design and feels that she is seeing much more of it recently.

“The integration of art into design is very exciting,” she said. “Everything is just very beautiful this year, which we always love to see.”

Downstairs in the new Hickory Chair Pearson showroom, Michelle Adams, editor in chief of Lonny magazine, joined Pearson’s vice president of design, Jennifer McConnell, and designer Suysel dePedro Cunningham for a tour of the company’s new space as well as a discussion about the newest trends they’re seeing.

“Mirrors are very big right now, and a mirrored piece can add a touch of femininity to a masculine piece,” said Adams. “We’re seeing more menswear fabrics and clean lines with darker tones.”

“Yes, masculine is definitely a trend right now,” McConnell said.  “The husbands love it though! And although we have so much menswear, we also have these ethnic fabrics with bright beautiful colors. It’s the juxtaposition of ethnic and menswear herringbone that’s very interesting.”

“They’re so hip and of the moment,” Adams said.

Druckman believes that many designers are starting to create more traditional looks this year.

"We haven’t seen traditional looks in a long time,” he said. “It’s a lot of exciting and fun things. I think people are looking to create more excitement in their homes and I think designers are following that trend or even leading it.”

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Marie-Christine Design
New York, NY
Marie-Christine Design
New York, NY