| Feb 23, 2010 |
New study reveals the personality type(s) of a designer
Boh staff
By Staff

Michael Roller, Industrial designer and consultant, asked 64 designers to take the Myers Briggs personality test.

While the study didn't show one personality to be most popular, results showed a strong level of Intuition and Judging among the group: 85% of respondents were Intuitive (vs. Sensing) while 69% were Judging (vs. Perceiving).

Intuitors process data more deeply than Sensors and are happy to trust their subconscious, while Sensors pay attention to both immediate data from their senses and from their direct experiences.

Judgers approach life in a structured way, creating plans and organizing their world to achieve their goals and desired results in a predictable way, while Perceivers view structure as being more limiting than enabling, and they prefer to keep their choices open so they can cope with future problems that may arise.

What does it all mean? Cliff Kuang for Fast Company writes, "designers are less akin to the stereotypical touchy-feely artist, and more like engineers who always keep the big picture in mind."

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