| Dec 10, 2009 |
New initiatives bring solar-powered LED lights to poor rural areas
Boh staff
By Staff

One Million Lights, an organization whose mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting, has partnered with LED lighting manufacturer Lunera to help accomplish its goal of distributing one million LED lights to an estimated 1.6-billion people who live a life without electric lighting.

“Every Lunera employee donates one hour a month to OML projects. In addition, one percent of the total floor space in our Redwood City, California facility is dedicated specifically for usage by One Million Lights. These two initiatives provide OML with no-cost manpower while significantly lowering their overhead costs,” said Michael Lesyna, CEO of Lunera Lighting.

The World Health Organization states 300 lux of lighting enables an individual to read without eye strain, however typical kerosene lamps used in impoverished communities only provide 10 lux of light.

By distributing solar-powered LED lights to schools and homes around the globe, One Million Lights has set out to improve the daily lives of both children and adults in poor rural areas. In the case of children in developing nations, lighting improves literacy, extends hours dedicated to education, and makes school more enjoyable.

“The enjoyment of reading translates into longer reading times and better comprehension,” said Anna Sidana, CEO for One Million Lights. “This in turn has a ripple effect on the overall education level of the student, as reading is the foundation for understanding all school subjects. This is a life changing light and as fundamental as food and water.”

One Million Lights arranges the donation of a solar-powered LED lights that are eco-friendly, robust, and built specifically for rugged conditions, such as those found in rural, developing nations.

“When we founded Lunera, we decided to make it part of our culture to reach out to humanitarian organizations that share our expertise,” said Mark Walsh, Lunera co-founder.

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