| Aug 2, 2013 |
Natuzzi gets the ball rolling on reorganization plan
Boh staff
By Staff

Aimed at safeguarding and relaunching the competitiveness of the company, Natuzzi has shared the details of its reorganization plan, which includes a 190 million Euro price tag as well as a new production process with the planned use of groundbreaking technology.

One of the largest Italian furniture companies in the world, Natuzzi specializes in leather upholstery, and now plans to enter the bedroom furniture market as well as launch a new range of armchairs.

“The need to reorganize our Italian plants doesn’t imply any relocation of the production activities,” said founder and chairman Pasquale Natuzzi. “The ‘Natuzzi Italia’ products—appreciated worldwide for their high quality and design—are the result of the know-how built up over fifty years of history. A longstanding expertise and ability to innovate that cannot be replicated outside our country.”

Pasquale Natuzzi

Natuzzi has broken down the strategy into three parts:

Process innovation—in all the Italian plants, a new production process (Moving Line) will be implemented, modeled after the Lean Manufacturing’s principles. Thanks to a more efficient and effective use of the workers involved, the Moving Line will allow the relaunch of competitiveness of the Italian plants, minimizing wastes, improving productivity and quality. The new production process will fully enhance all the human capital potentialities, increasing their skills and motivation.

Expansion of the range—entering the bedroom furniture market, with a collection specifically designed for a home environment never before developed by the Company.

Product innovation—the launch of a new range of armchairs, which use groundbreaking technology, based on the concept of “dynamic comfort” that is a result of in-depth studies in the field of ergonomics.

The company, which since 2002 has invested more than 420 million Euros in the brand’s repositioning, and developing the worldwide network of point of sales and showrooms, confirms its commitment to continue expanding in the international markets whilst reorganizing its Italian operations.

The investment will carry the company’s reorganization through 2018.

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