| Oct 8, 2009 |
Miss Your Décor Magazine? (New York Times)
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Remodelista.com, a home design blog known for dissecting the components of stylish rooms, has been redesigned as a Web site with tools to help renovators and amateur decorators outfit a home. The reconfigured site allows readers to browse products by category, create clip files, e-mail items to friends and buy appliances, hardware, lighting and furniture.

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Remodelista.com was started in 1997 by four friends — Julie Carlson, Sarah Lonsdale, Janet Hall and Francesca Connolly — with a similar taste for livable rooms furnished with a mix of classics, vintage finds and modernist pieces.

“We thought of it as an information-sharing vehicle,” Ms. Carlson said. “Why shouldn’t friends with a similar sensibility share their renovation files online?”

Since then, the site’s traffic has grown by about 20 percent a month, she said, reaching 100,000 unique visitors last month. Like Apartment Therapy, the site is earning a reputation as a sourcebook for interior design at a time when many shelter magazines, including Domino, House & Garden and O at Home, have fallen by the wayside.

“I can’t say that we foresaw all these magazines closing,” Ms. Carlson said. “But we were conscious that we could create something new.”

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