| Jun 14, 2012 |
Maya Romanoff enlists agency to expand product offerings
Boh staff
By Staff

Wallcoverings company Maya Romanoff has signed on design management agency Culture + Commerce to expand its product offerings through licensed collections.

“The company has an incredible heritage and we are eager to take their design vision to all aspects of the home—from tabletop and accessories, to such foundational elements as flooring," said Michele Caniato, president of Culture + Commerce. "We are looking for the right partners who can leverage the Romanoffs’ vision across categories and create a carefully curated assortment of lifestyle products,” he added.

Maya Romanoff founded his namesake company in 1969 to bring the possibilities of functional art to a broader audience. Through nearly half a century, this singular American company has remained true to its founding ethos. Artist, world traveler and entrepreneur, Romanoff built his business on the lessons of ancient craft techniques of Asian and African cultures, the resonant beauty of handmade utilitarian objects, and the use of uncommon materials to create uncommon art.

Maya’s chief collaborator is his partner and wife, Joyce Lehrer Romanoff, company president. In many respects the muse to her husband’s artistic vision, it is through her aesthetic sophistication, technical knowledge, and prodigious energy that the company is now a leading name in the design communities of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and the U.S. Her refinement of the company’s production techniques has made the “art of everyday” scalable enough for global distribution. Together with their family, Joyce and Maya have built an American institution that produces some of the most intensely beautiful, and useful, surfacing materials available to architects, designers and artists across the world.

Artistic collaboration is another keystone of Maya Romanoff’s success. Commitment to the spirit of unity and co-creation is signified in the entwined lotus symbol Maya designed as the company’s logo. From the start, receptivity to the talent, skill, and knowledge of others has sustained creative vitality and technical excellence.

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