news | Dec 21, 2016 |
International Market Centers announces sales/marketing changes
Boh staff

The International Market Centers sales and marketing teams are restructuring as of January 1, 2017. IMC reports that the new structure will “involve creation of more vertical category responsibilities to better serve cross-market customers and internal promotions for several senior staff members.” Among the changes: IMC will develop a new home furnishings business unit, spanning furniture, accessory, casual and bedding accounts, across its outposts in High Point and Las Vegas.


The new division, which better identifies more than 100 accounts that were, prior to the restructuring, within the home decor business unit in Las Vegas but within the furniture business unit in High Point, will allow customers to have one point of contact for both markets. 

The new division will be guided by Julie Messner and Ryan Mahoney. They will continue to report to Scott Eckman, who will receive the new title of president of furniture and home decor leasing/chief strategy officer. A number of other staffing changes and internal movements were named as well.

“These customer-facing changes are the result of a yearlong IMC examination of our leasing organizational structure, the goal of which was to identify opportunities to improve collaboration, cross-selling, value creation and customer experience,” says Robert Maricich, CEO of IMC. “This new account-based leasing organization, under which agents manage vertical categories across both campuses, not only achieves these goals, but also allows us to recognize and reward several key members of our team. I am confident that these changes will result in a more cohesive and collaborative leasing organization and will enable our already highly successful team to take our business to the next level.”

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