| Jun 30, 2010 |
Interior designers curate series of toothbrushes
Boh staff
By Staff

Interior designers Celerie Kemble and Tom Delavan and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski curate a limited-edition series of toothbrushes for Reach that reflect personality and style. In an effort to convey that design matters, Reach asked designers to blend the latest design trends with functionality.

“Working as a celebrity stylist, it’s my job to help my clients see things that are new and a little unexpected — challenging them while keeping with their personal style and comfort level. It’s all about bringing something exciting to the table that’s both beautiful and functional. Why settle for average when you can have exceptional?” said Goreski.

"The plaid brush, ‘Penelope’, named after one of my dogs, says fun, quirky, happy — the Brad most people know. And who wouldn’t want a plaid toothbrush? The graphic brush is named ‘Jasper’, also named after one of my dogs, and reminds me of the tougher side of my personality. This brush doesn’t mess around. It says strong, edgy — because let’s be honest, you can’t be cute all the time in this business!”

“I’m addicted to beautiful things. Aside from being an interior designer, as a wife and a mother, I was really excited to update something that I am in contact with constantly, something that so far I’ve only viewed as a utilitarian object, and that is made technologically more distinctive every few years but not necessarily changed aesthetically. I haven’t found a toothbrush that reflects my personal style yet. And I thought, that’s ridiculous — why not? Let’s make one,” said Kemble.

“I'm crazy about the Ikat stripe pattern of the green brush. I named this one ‘Dill’, as it evokes not just the color, but a feeling. It sounds overtly crisp, fresh, and inviting. For the zebra stripe, I chose the name ‘Grazing’, to suggest an action and a concept without being obvious.”

“During my time as an editor at Domino magazine and within my own interior design work, making a beautiful picture is always the end goal. Color is very connected to emotion, and in design, it’s often a challenge to incorporate it appropriately. I love the idea of having bright colors or bold designs on objects that are easy to change and affordable — like flowers or even a toothbrush. You can experiment with different palettes and update them easily as your mood and style change,” said Delavan.

“I wanted to give my brushes names that really personified the feelings they evoke for me. The wave brush I named ‘Malone’, because the pattern makes me feel very happy and carefree, which reminds me of the son of someone very close to me. I was inspired by the contrasting negative space in the dot brush and named it ‘Otto.’ The continuous dot design makes an intersecting ‘O’ and ‘T’ pattern, which is interesting because Otto is a palindrome and looks the same backwards and forwards, just like the brush’s design. Both brushes evoke this great pop, graphic vibe.”

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