| Jun 10, 2015 |
IIDA's first South America program touches down in Bogota
Boh staff
By Staff

Bogotá, Colombia recently played host to the IIDA's first-ever South American program. The IIDA's program, “The Culture of Work—a Global Perspective,” was held at the biennial Expoconstrucción Expodiseño trade show and focused on the meaning of brand and culture, as well as workplace-design wellness and designing for multiple generations. Led by Julio Braga, president of the IIDA International board of directors, and Marlene Liriano, vice president of the board, the program took place at the Bogotá region's largest and only trade show of its kind. Expoconstrucción Expodiseño publicizes the development of a number of industries including architecture, construction and design in the Pacific Design Alliance Region, Central America and the Caribbean, and this year experienced a record-breaking attendance of 60,000 participants.

Marlene Liriano and Julio Braga

“It was a privilege for IIDA to present at Expoconstrucción Expodiseño last week and to have the opportunity to introduce IIDA to the South American design community,” said Cheryl S. Durst, IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO, who moderated the panel. “Design is a global phenomenon and as IIDA continues to expand its international outreach, it was both enjoyable and enlightening to travel to a new destination and become acquainted with a new design community and their culture. We are looking forward to developing new opportunities to communicate the IIDA mission in this area.”

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